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Meet Our Team!

We are very excited to share the news of our newest employee. Like the spring arrival, Suzanne cheery nature is like a breath of fresh air. She brings with her an extensive background in graphic design, client management and a lot of detail orientation.

Suzanne’s Red Sox fever is catchy to say the least, and it looks like we will be listening to Sox games all summer long!

Since her arrival at Emanio, we’ve had to triple our post it note order, and hide the sodas!

She’s never afraid to belt out a Motown song and recites movie quotes perfectly (but never the scary ones)! Her great sense of humor and positive nature helps her deal with the busy Emanio office well. She is definitely a catch for us…no wonder she’s getting married in July. What man could resist!

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Wabi Sabi Marketing

There’ s a Japanese term that expresses the beauty of the humble, asymmetrical, the unique. Think handmade, not mass-produced, a farmer’s market not supersized grocery store, a wise elder, the lure of a rainy day. These all have an appeal of their own.

Utilizing this concept, creating an exclusive brand or revamping your old “look and feel” may create a deeper connection to your unique audience.

Through your branding you want to grab the attention of your customer. This is what branding is all about. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be overt in nature. According to Wabi Sabi there is “perfection in the imperfect”. Think of the straightforward Nike swoosh, the Twitter bird, the yin/yang symbol or the method of using your name as your brand like in – FedEx or Tiffany and Co.

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Kalokagathia – a phrase used by classical Greek writers to describe an ideal of personal conduct. “The Beautiful and the Good”. The Greeks believed that virtue and physical beauty should be inseparably intertwined. Can this term be successfully integrated into your company? Can your brand be portrayed to be both beautiful and good? What companies have tried and succeed at this feat?

What’s in a name? Maybe everything!

The name of your business alone could become your brand. Think of Coke, Starbucks, Apple. These names and even their logo’s connect directly with consumers, they tell a story of unwaivered consistency, dependability and service. Ask someone to give up their iPhone for an Android or forgo Starbucks and try Dunkin’ Donuts and see what happens. Have these brands mastered the art of Kalokagathia?

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“Shine a Light” on Pediatric Cancer

It’s very special when we get to team up with a client for an extraordinary cause like pediatric cancer. So when RapidLash started their own fundraiser for the Today Show’s Shine a Light Campaign for Pediatric Cancer . It was an easy decision for us to get involved. Emanio Creative has set up a Crowdrise Page where we are asking for small donations to support the American Cancer Society and pediatric cancer research. Along with the great work the Today Show’s Hoda Kotb is doing, we are excited about raising money for this very important charity. Please click here to donate and join Emanio and RapidLash in supporting the Shine A Light campaign.

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Meet Our Team!

Michelle Rines, Creative Director

When you meet Michelle you will notice her insatiable appetite for activity…and sweets! From her daily workouts to her spontaneous cartwheels in the front office, she’s not one to sit still for too long. So it’s a good thing she can take a break from moving and “put her feet up” to get her work done! It’s probably best that she gave up coffee. When we need Michelle, we just follow the empty Peach Ice Tea cup trail from the kitchen to her office. Michelle is a dedicated, creative woman both in and out of work. Her attention to detail, superb organizational skills and eye for design make her a valuable Creative Director. Our clients can attest that she will handle any project with professionalism and pride, rounding out the many aspects of her busy job here at Emanio. If you ask Michelle what her biggest goal for 2015 is, she may tell you she wants to learn to juggle more than 2 pieces of fruit.

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