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Social media gone terribly…RIGHT!

Here is a case study on how we use a simple, well crafted, social strategy to boost engagement and sales for our client RapidLash. Even though this campaign is from November of last year, it’s still the benchmark by which we judge our success.

Here is our post from November:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have both come and gone, and the stats are in. I’m thrilled to say that the numbers were really, really good.

Especially for our client RapidLash. Sales were solid, as they usually are when they have a special offer. This years was a BOGO, so it was a sweet deal. But the thing that continues to surprise me the most are the stats around their email campaigns.

Let me share some numbers with you.

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Makeover for a beauty titan starts with a rebrand and new website

RapidLash is an award winning, natural eyelash enhancement serum that has sold over 3 million units worldwide. The product has provided millions of people with relief from cosmetic issues such as brittle lashes and sparse brows and allows them to be more confident in their appearance.

The eyelash growth industry has become a billion dollar business and even though RapidLash has been a leader, the competition continues to grow from major companies like MAC and L’Oreal.

With the help of the Emanio Team, RapidLash set out to capture more market share, raise brand awareness and grow online sales.

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Colors Effect on Branding

Did you know Pantone® chooses a “color of the year”? This annual hue selection can be found in advertising, fashion, furniture, BEAUTY and more. How does color affect our buying choices and mood?

The study of color actually has a name within the alternative medicine modalities called “Chromotherapy”. Color is used within this method to evoke healing and wellness. It’s been studied that color is used in a variety of ways that have an impact powerful enough -to alter a mood, reveal the gender of a baby, brighten a face, attract or repel a person’s taste and establish a brand.

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The new brand of CLD. Colorful, bold & intelligent.

CLD produces award winning learning solutions for many high profile pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device and diagnostic companies. Unfortunately, over the past few years, some components of their brand had become antiquated, while the competition in the market was growing. The CLD image was in desperate need of an overhaul!

With clients like Pfizer, J&J and Merck, CLD saw the urgency in putting the new branding in place. The redesign consists of a new identity, website, marketing collateral and overall shift in the corporate message. The new tagline, Learning, Creativity and Technology reflects the core competencies of what CLD provides for its clients and reinforces their commitment to delivering award-winning training materials. Each color in the logo represents one of the words in the new tag line and are used frequently throughout the collateral. 

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