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Colors Effect on Branding

Did you know Pantone® chooses a “color of the year”? This annual hue selection can be found in advertising, fashion, furniture, BEAUTY and more. How does color affect our buying choices and mood?

The study of color actually has a name within the alternative medicine modalities called “Chromotherapy”. Color is used within this method to evoke healing and wellness. It’s been studied that color is used in a variety of ways that have an impact powerful enough -to alter a mood, reveal the gender of a baby, brighten a face, attract or repel a person’s taste and establish a brand.

Choosing the right hue for your brand or logo is crucial. This color and style will stay with your company for years on your website, collateral, business cards and tee shirts. Within the advertising industry there are “Color Experts” that work to select the appropriate shade, depth, tint and warming or cooling effects that will affect the outcome of your branding. Here at Emanio, our brand is drenched in yellow. A color known for optimism, friendliness and creativity: the cornerstones of our business!

Take a look at your logo, clothes, the color of your walls, what tints attract or repel you? Allow color to help you establish your product or service and set the right mood for your clientele?

As a matter of interest, The Pantone® color of 2015 is Marsala. Does this color speak to you or resonate about a particular setting or product? I’m thinking a delectable dinner, expensive red wine and a roaring fire.