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Did you know you can recycle rain?

Our clients develop some amazing products that are truly innovative and unique, and that is clearly evident at the Innovation Lab at Xylem.

Understanding that today’s consumers are more ecologically minded and the evidence that global warming impacts the earth with diminishing water supplies, Xylem embraces the notion that each of us must do our part to preserve the planet and its resources. The popularity of rain barrel usage is growing globally and there’s a need to make them more efficient. The Solar RainPerfect™ Pump now makes running a hose or sprinkler from a rain barrel eco-friendly and simple.

“RainPerfect™ is a great way to go ‘double duty’ green in 2011,” Jeff Schopperle, Product Manager at Xylem explains. “Since it works with solar energy, there is no need for electrical work in order to have an electrical outlet for a rain barrel pump. And by running the pump ‘off the grid,’ energy is saved and rainwater is utilized. It’s just a better way for the environment on both fronts. We think it’s one of the simplest things that consumers can do to protect the planet now.”

Emanio worked with the team at Xylem’s Innovation Lab and developed the branding for this exciting new product. With a strong position and strategy in place, we worked on developing the name, packaging and marketing collateral establishing RainPerfect™ as the leader in eco-pump technology. Only days into 2011, the media has picked up on this new product and the launch was a success.


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