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From pencil to paper to pixels!

It’s always a challenge to develop a new logo for a client. And even before the pencil hits the paper, the clients needs are well understood. But when it’s time to design…the pencil is still king! Back in the 80’s when I started doing this there were really no Macs, and your sketch pad and pencil were your tool kit. At Emanio, we still think “pencil first, pixels last.”  This old school method allows us to develop lots of rough concepts for our internal review, before we go digital. In the case of our client CLD, we knew what the logo had to represent. It had to feel innovative, smart, have movement and fluidity. We were pretty sure the “weird robot owl” wasn’t going to make the logo cut, but it was worth sketching. At the end of the creative day, it’s pretty cool to see that the initial pencil sketches for CLD had an influence on the final logo and proves that the computer isn’t the entire tool kit, but rather a part of it.