A brand positioned for rapid growth!

RapidLash is an award winning, eyelash enhancement serum that has sold over 3 million units worldwide. Unfortunately their website and overall branding was lagging behind their retail sales. With the help of the Emanio Team, RapidLash set out to capture more market share, raise brand awareness and increase overall sales. Emanio conducted a series of interviews with the Brand Manager and product users and discovered that the brand wasn’t “connecting” with its customers and building meaningful relationship. By understanding the consumer and interacting with their daily lives, Emanio’s rebrand integrated a social media strategy that leverages Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more relevant blogs that engage the RapidLash user. The fresh and modern message Emanio created appeals to their target audience and solidifies RapidLash’s place as a leader in the eyelash enhancement category. The new site has quickly become a community where visitors are sharing “real life” stories, reading blogs and are being rewarded with special promotions. In a short time the site has seen a substantial increase in traffic and online sales have grown over 400% in only 18 months.