Zone Diet. A brand that never stands still.

It's hard to believe it's been over 15 years since our good friend, Dr. Barry Sears wrote his NY Times best selling book, "Enter The Zone" and changed the way we think about food! Since then, the Zone brand has seen tremendous success with additional books, supplements and a complete line of food products. Having participated on a number of product launches, Emanio has been fortunate to collaborate on marketing, website, packaging and promotional development for the Zone's family of brands. We are extremely proud be part of their growth and we continue to stay committed to Barry's crusade to better health.

Not only did Emanio work with the Zone designing the new website, but we also managed a full packaging rebrand that included packaging for their supplements and food products. The new look of the packaging is well organized and contemporary allowing the photography to stand out and show off the delicious meals.

We crafted a message that the Zone has stuck to. For many years the fish oil industry has been pushing false information to the public due to the FDA's lack of monitoring on these products. The claims and data they provide are unsubstantiated and we needed to expose the truth about their products. Emanio developed The "5 Dirty Secrets" message and graphic to share the truths about competitors products and reinforce the purity and effectiveness of the ZONE brand of fish oil. The message was powerful and effective and is being used on the Zone website.