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Social media gone terribly…RIGHT!


Here is a case study on how we use a simple, well crafted, social strategy to boost engagement and sales for our client RapidLash. Even though this campaign is from November of last year, it’s still the benchmark by which we judge our success.

Here is our post from November:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have both come and gone, and the stats are in. I’m thrilled to say that the numbers were really, really good.

Especially for our client RapidLash. Sales were solid, as they usually are when they have a special offer. This years was a BOGO, so it was a sweet deal. But the thing that continues to surprise me the most are the stats around their email campaigns.

Let me share some numbers with you.

We started off 18 months ago with a very small email list of a few hundred names and a handful of loyal Facebook followers.

Rather than spending tons of money on traditional print advertising which has little accountability these days, we decided to use social media and email as the main marketing tool. We developed engaging contests, product deals, and some really relevant blogging … and it worked like a charm, growing their email list from a few hundred to 3000 followers in just 18 months.

This Thanksgiving weekend we sent out a campaign of emails and had open rates of 17% to 20%. Not bad considering we competed for inbox space with Best Buy, Macys and Pottery Barn. We often see numbers as high as 30% when we are not sandwiched between big box stores and their gazillion dollar budgets!

But here’s where it gets interesting…

As the 3000 RapidLash followers we sent emails to were hustling around getting stuffing and cranberry sauce ready, dressing the kids and watching football games, we were able to get a “click through” rate of 15-17%. So this might not sound like much but according to industry standards it surely is. The industry standard of “clicks” is less then 5% and we saw three times that during a very busy holiday weekend. And the purchases followed.

Sure the numbers matter when we talk about social media and email “rates” but there are many underlying factors that can help or hurt your efforts. The bottom line is if you know your community and pay attention to their needs, even during Thanksgiving weekend they will put some time aside to reward you with orders.